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Like, 99.99% of you are perfectly fine and reasonable. But I don’t have the time in my schedule to filter out the crazies and the obnoxious and the trolls and the spam anymore.

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We have a newly adopted dog who is not allowed in my office so updates are lighter than usual this week.

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Over at The Bureau Chiefs, Ken Lowery and I offer our takes on the trailers for films hitting your local mall multiplex in November.

Here, have a picture of Chris Pine in a nice suit. It’ll take your mind off that train movie he’s in.

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I’ve been enjoying the heck out of Kalinara’s Pretty, Fizzy Paradise lately, as well as Bully Says: Comics Oughta Be Fun!

Pal John has a new article up on AlterNet, focusing on “Child Rehab” groups that habitually engage in abusive and criminal behavior. It’s an important subject, and one that the mainstream news media pays little attention to.

Blizzard, publishers of the World of Warcraft MMORPG apparently have an unwritten policy that creating gay-friendly guilds is a violation of their terms of service. Given the casual homophobia on display in this thread, I’m not terribly surprised. Stories like this make me appreciate the gay-friendly community of City of Heroes even more.

Let me summarize the comment thread to this Newsarama article about 52‘s price point: “What! $2.50 for an extra-length comic! How dare DC engage in this gross price gouging!”
Because, yeah, given that your average comic fan already spends about $20 to $30 a week, minimum, that extra $2.50 a week is going to be a real wallet-buster.

While I’m taling about comics, the highlights of my purchases this week were the latest issue of Local, which after a start I found a little rocky has started to settle into a nice groove; Nextwave, which is the sort of fun book I’m increasingly surprised to see come out from Marvel; and Genus Male which is excellent gay porn and contains a couple of Pet Shop Boys reprints.
Yes, my recommendations for this week are a hip indie book, a super-hero satire and gay porn. That almost says something profound about me, I think.

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A few more little banners have come my way that, for a variety of reasons, I’m hosting myself.

Ron Hogan of Beatrice.Com sent Mike and I a couple.

Here’s a few made for me by those who wish to remain nameless:

And this is my new personal favorite. I don’t care if no one but me and Mike get the joke:

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