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I see you’ve announced plans for another edition of Dungeons and Dragons, this time including fee-based on-line play elements and an even more significant emphasis on miniature use.
If I wanted to play a fantasy based tabletop miniatures game, I’d play Warhammer.
If I want to play a fantasy based MMO, I’ve already got a World of Warcraft account.
You used to have a pretty good fantasy role-playing game on your hands…I wouldn’t mind you bringing that back.

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Spotted this old Dungeons and Dragons ad at GayGamer. It’s interesting in a “oh, God, I can’t stop looking at the hair!” sort of way. Nice to know that they always had the target audience for the game pegged down as “geek.” And white, but really, outside of ads for fast food, it’s not like you saw non-white people in ads very much back then anyway. The presence of the girls in the ad intrigues me, because I’m not sure if the intent there was to tell girls “hey you might like this game too” or to tell guys “hey girls will play this.”

Yes, I noticed that Neil Patrick Harris came out. Good for him. Though, honestly, I’m not that in the loop on which actors are gay, and I was still sort of surprised that people didn’t know he was. I’m also amused that he outed himself after his publicist tried to “in” him. Oops.

But, c’mon, what precisely did people think the joke here was?

Hit the swap meet today. Got some nice stuff. A few 50s romance comics, and this:

I don’t even like Nancy. I just got it to rub Mike’s face in it.

I also picked up a deck of playing cards from the late forties. Here’s the utterly brilliant and amazing back of the deck.

I’d show you the front of the cards, but they’re a bit naughty.

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