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Robotech: Symphony of Light, 1987, Jack McKinney
“And then all the bad guys turned into hippie lights and flew away, the end.”

Yes, it is safe to say that I did find the ending somewhat anticlimactic.

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Robotech: Metamorphosis, 1987, Jack McKinney
It’s a shame that Genesis Climber MOSPEADA got cut down so heavily to fit into the Robotech storyline, as I think it’s the best of the three stories.
That it lacks Minmei or Dana helps with that, certainly.

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Robotech: Invid Invasion, 1987, Jack McKinney
I’m still more than a little boggled that, in the mid-80s, they were able to get Yellow Dancer on tv.

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Robotech: The Final Nightmare, 1987, Jack McKinney
We may need to face the fact that “Southern Cross” is just fundamentally unlikeable.

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Robotech: Metal Fire, 1987, Jack McKinney
Actually, it is remotely possible that Zor is a more unlikeable character than Dana.

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