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I’m exhausted and I’m sunburnt and I never want to see an under-12 with Scarface souvenirs ever again.

Click on the fully legal and licensed, I’m sure, Hulk balloons to see an exhaustive Flickr set of my day. Bear in mind, some stuff is there because I thought it was neat, some stuff was there because it amused me, and some stuff is there because I thought it was really, really sad. I’ll leave you to guess which is which.

Gayprof, I took this picture with you in mind. Also this one.
Laura, you may be interested in this Wizard of Oz collection.
Chris, there’s a big black cock in there for you.

Lastly, here’s Pete and my cousins on the most insane ride they had there. Well, thirty seconds of that. Because that’s how long my damn batteries lasted.
There were water jets involved at one point, seriously.

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Right now, the skies in Southern California look like a Crisis on Infinite Earths cross-over. I fully expect to see Pariah show up to lament the inch-thick layer of ash on my car.

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