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Dark Horse has a collected edition of the Dragon Age digital comic. If they know their fan-base, there should be plenty of Varric on Alistair action here.
(Yes, I’m still smarting from having my romantic choices in Dragon Age 2 limited to emo mage and emo elf.)

Boom’s collection of Howard Cruse’s non-gay work is due, and it looks like they’re including a healthy dose of his underground era work as well.

Seeing a solicitation for a Howard Cruse collection on the same page as ads for Garfield comics is one of those cognitive dissonance inducing moments you have to get used to when reading Previews…

Not gay, but…

I’m as big a fan of Special Agent Pendergast as the next guy, but a model of the creature from the 1997 film of a 1995 novel might be of pretty limited appeal…

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Now that Superboy isn’t in his rough trade outfit anymore, it seems awfully fitting that he’s now fighting Grunge, the previous holder of the “superhero who looks most like a male prostitute” belt.

Fantagraphics is releasing a Justin Hall edited anthology of gay and lesbian comics, No Straight Lines:

This is pretty much going to be a must buy, even if I hate that pun.

On a related note, Pal Adam WarRock has two albums solicited in this month’s Previews. If you like clever, nerd-fused rap music, you’ll like these:

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A sampler of work by one of the premier gay comics creators as part of the Free Comic Book Day efforts is the kind of “best foot forward” material we need, instead of, well…most of the offerings this year.

May has the next volume of Empowered releasing, the best equal-opportunity fan service comic on the market.

Archie continues to impress me with their Kevin Keller series. The second issue brings up the issue of gay teens dating, a subject still stupidly controversial. Given that the last issue of the mini did address homophobia and anti-gay harassment (albeit in a family-friendly Archive-verse manner) I’m curious to see what they do here.

I have no idea why any gay men might be interested in an illustrated history of Tarzan films…*cough*

Deliberate co-opting of gay rights slogan to exploit an oft-noted bit of subtext? Or is that giving too much credit to the same audience that buys “Big Bang Theory” and “Bronies” t-shirts?

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Marvel gives us some…interesting beefcake covers with The Twelve #9 and something more traditional with Wolverine #justmakingissuenumbersupsnowapparently:

Meanwhile, at Dynamite…

Y’know, I try really hard to stay on topic with these posts, but sometimes something comes along that I just have to comment on:

If you are even briefly thinking of spending $100 on this, stop, and just for a second think about what people who are not desperate nerds are going to think when they see this on your desk.

Okay, to cleanse your palate, here’s a shirtless Ricardo Montalban statue:

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The final issue of The Children’s Crusade is finally coming out.

For a book that was sold as promising major status quo changes for both the Avengers and the X-Men franchises, it certainly feels like this has quietly fizzled out. Of course, the series started at least three cross-overs ago, so who can say what the original plan actually was…
I’m just hoping that the end result is a regular title with Wiccan and Hulkling, so I can say that there’s at least one Marvel title I enjoy.

I didn’t think the “gay guy narrates honey badger clip” video was all that funny, but it certainly wasn’t anything worth being bent out of shape about. Even when opportunistic t-shirts started showing up in stores. But when Antarctic Press gets in on it?

Yeah, now it’s hate-worthy.

Meanwhile at Archie, they’re releasing a trade paperback collection of all the previous Kevin Keller appearances, just in time for the first issue of the Kevin Keller ongoing to launch, with this ginchy variant cover:

The first issue is dedicated to Kevin’s first date. And yes, we live in a world where Archie is doing comics about gay teens dating. Which is sort of fantastic.

I haven’t followed the Kirby: Genesis comics from Dynamite at all. They’re just not my thing. But Rob Rodi writing “not-Thor”?

Okay, that at least gets a look.

Eaglemoss is releasing a Northstar/Aurora pack in their Marvel figurine collection.

No collection is complete without a little lead figure of a gay French-Canadian Olympic skier/reformed terrorist.

I have absolutely no idea how I feel about Diamond carrying bishie body pillows like this Black Butler one here:

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