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A brief editorial note to open:

There are two pages of ads for party decorations in Previews this month. Now, I know making fun of Previews for selling stuff that has nothing whatsoever to do with comics is an easy, even lazy, joke. But they sell this stuff only because they think they can make money on it.
Diamond thinks you will happily buy party banners because they have the Avengers on them. And they’re probably right.

That “Death Clock” for the comics industry just moved up to 11:58.

Marc Andreyko has a run on DC Universe Presents starting with #13, that brings back Black Lightning and Blue Devil as a duo.

There was much wangsting online over this, but frankly, that’s what the internet does with all comic news. Personally, I kind of want to see what the man who finally outed Obsidian does with a blank slate.

Rule 63 is apparently the new zombies…

Sina Grace has an original graphic novel coming from Image that promises to give me nightmares of my retail days…

Archie is offering another Kevin Keller trade:

Seriously, I know I’ve said this before but it bears repeating; it is 2012 and Archie of all companies is one of the more progressive comics publishers.

I’m honestly surprised it took twenty years for this to come out in trade paper-back.

I bought it when it was coming out. My memory of it is that it was heavily photo-referenced.
Still no word on when the Shock Treatment comic is coming out…

This might not seem that remarkable, except that it’s part of a trio of shirts that includes “Team Betty” and “Team Veronica” shirts…

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I hope there’s a good in-story reason why the cover of Dark Horse Presents #16 appears to show a murdered transsexual, because that’s a particularly loaded image for a community that’s already at heightened risk for violent assault.

And, once again, the “retro” variant for the Kevin Keller comic invites interesting discussions about the semiotics of gay representation in comics.
But since I’m not a grad student, you’ll, again, have to look elsewhere for that.

On a related note, the solicitation text for Life with Archie #23 is teasing the death of Future Timeline Kevin’s husband, and, yeah…

Given that shipping “nude” has been standard for “military style” action figures for a while, I’m now wondering what, if anything, prompted the addition of the disclaimer and photos…

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DC is releasing a collection of Alan Davis Batman comics, which is generally good stuff, even if it does contain that story where Batman threatened a gay man with prison rape.

Two Archie items. First, a gender-swap issue, sure to be filed under the “fetish for somebody” category…

Next, there’s Life With Archie #22, which enters some potentially cringe-inducing areas:

Archie has, generally, handled their gay characters well while still staying within kid-friendly areas, but suggestions of (potentially) anti-gay violence are new to comics, and even film and television still don’t handle the subject well, so…we’ll see.

And this would be the month that Diamond straight-up solicited zentai fetish outfits…

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So, given how pandery this project looks to be, and given how any nuance at all in the question of whether or not Ozymandias is meant to be gay has been handled by, well…everyone, post initial publication, I have zero expectations that this won’t be problematic at best.

Meanwhile, in the “why” category at DC…

Even though He-Man made lots of little boys in the 80s gay, I’m utterly baffled as to what a James Robinson scripted version will be like.
Other than gratuitously violent with the deaths of several supporting characters, I mean.

As Marvel continues to be needlessly coy over this whole Northstar marriage thing, the cynical part of me wonders if there’s some sort of internal conflict over the people who want to milk the “gay superhero wedding” publicity for all its worth and the people who desperately want to avoid the “comics corrupting our nation’s youth” publicity.

If I had the temperament to write a more scholarly-style blog, I’d unpack the signifiers contained in a cover featuring a retro-superhero design for a gay character.
But I don’t, so I won’t.

I admit, I am morbidly curious to see how Bluewater handles a contemporary adaptation of Oscar Wilde’s gayest novel.

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So, you may have heard about this Before Watchmen thing DC has coming out:

I honestly have no strong opinions about this project, to be honest. Yes, it all seems very unnecessary, but it’s only Watchmen, a good book, yes, but not a great book, and one that, in my opinion, hasn’t aged very well or lived up to its supposed legacy. What I am sort of curious about is how these new creators plan to handle, if at all, the “blink and you miss them” gay characters from the original series. Given the “who” of the new creators, you can mark me down as “cautious.”
But I’m sure the series will get nominated for a GLAAD media award anyway.

Safe money seems to be that this is the “wedding of Northstar” issue, because it’s not like Marvel to pass up an opportunity for free publicity, and “gay superhero wedding” is the sort of slow news day, easy to parse for the media story they seem to enjoy courting these days.

That’s…that’s certainly Martin in drag on the cover of Bart Simpson #72…

I wouldn’t mind a Herc shirt. I’m pretty much over the “faux distressed” look for t-shirts.

Six Million Dollar Man is slightly ahead of my time, but I have it on good authority that this episode is partially responsible for the rise of Bear culture twenty years later.

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