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“I don’t get it, Clark. I can do twelve backflips from a standing position, know a dozen ways to cripple a man with my pinkie, but I can’t hit a damn baseball.”
“Well, Bruce, I know when I was a kid, my dad took me out to the fields every day and practiced throwing and hitting a ball with me. It’s just a question of muscle memory.”
“Oh, right, sorry. I forgot.”
“Screw you, Clark.”

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Four issues later, Batman is still thinking about that time he kissed Black Canary. Instead of paying attention to the JLA’s monitors.

Of course, Green Arrow being Green Arrow, he’s just got to be an asshole about it…

And then, this;

Let’s review that kiss, shall we:

That’s how Black Canary kisses her brother, huh? And I thought the Superman/Supergirl relationship was as creepily incestuous as the DCU got…

Given that this is Batman we’re talking about, I vote for option two.

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