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Green Arrow is preoccupied with how many balls other men have.

Green Arrow harbors a secret fantasy of becoming a Greta Garbo impersonator.

Green Arrow needs Speedy to grab his heels to help him get into position.

Speedy is an over-sexed little freak.

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You know, as uptight as that last panel makes Katar look, it’s still hard to hold it against him. Given that, you know, he’s talking about Ollie.

Bonus Batman Being An Ass:

“You know all about ‘junk’ dealers, right G.A.? Oh, wait, no, you don’t, otherwise your ward wouldn’t have become a junkie.”

(all from Justice League of America # 103)

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Four issues later, Batman is still thinking about that time he kissed Black Canary. Instead of paying attention to the JLA’s monitors.

Of course, Green Arrow being Green Arrow, he’s just got to be an asshole about it…

And then, this;

Let’s review that kiss, shall we:

That’s how Black Canary kisses her brother, huh? And I thought the Superman/Supergirl relationship was as creepily incestuous as the DCU got…

Given that this is Batman we’re talking about, I vote for option two.

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Bonus Godwinism!

from Justice League of America #78

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Hey, who’s the poster boy for condescending liberals? Why, Ollie Queen of course!

“Hey, what about the presumption of innocence?”
“That’s the way The Man does things, my noble savage friend.”
“You ARE The Man! Asshole.”

“And just like the white man ‘borrowed’ your people’s lands!”
“I just killed three men with my bare hands, Mr. Arrow, sir…one more life sentence won’t make much difference to me.”

“That’s right! I’m going to college, to major in hotel and restaurant management, and then I’m coming back here to open a casino, and take advantage of your people’s vice for profit! And I’ll fund my education by selling pot and mushrooms to hippies who think that a weekend of drug use puts them in touch with thousands of years of my culture!”
“That’s the spirit, kid!”

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