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So, Green Arrow, a supposedly heroic character, commits an act of premeditated murder. And he’s sent to Belle Reve, right?
Oan Sciencell? Takron-Galtos? Phantom Zone?
Well, he’s at least kicked out of the Justice League, right?
Not even that, huh?
So the DC universe is a place where even the good guys can get away with cold-blooded murder in the name of “edginess?”

Or an embarrassingly adolescent approach to “mature” story-telling.

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Green Arrow: being an ass just for the hell of it.
And people wonder why everyone hates him.

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“Too bad there’s no one out here on the street to see how bad-ass I am! I am so cool!”

Bonus Green Arrow is a Totally Useless Super-Hero Panels

Oh, man, I wonder how Ollie will save that kid? Given tha-

Oh, he is just going to fire an arrow at him.
I guess putting him out of his misery before he’s smashed into pieces on the ground is the kindest thing.

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