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You all have no idea how profoundly disappointed I am that these Heroes of the DC Universe busts aren’t done in a beefcake style to compliment the Women of the DC Universe line.
There are far too many of these generic super-hero statues already. Superman and Batman in posing straps would be a welcome change.

Marvel Crossover Count
Dark Reign: 23
Planet Skaar: 2
War of Kings:4
Messiah War: 3

This sounds an awful lot like an admission that the company’s continuity has gotten too screwy for most readers to keep track of it all:

Seventy years of Marvel history has led to countless thousands of stories, many of which have been reprinted in various collected editions through the years. Spider-Man, the Fantastic Four, Wolverine, Daredevil, the X-Men and more have had dozens of volumes see print. You’ve probably got some on your shelf right now! But if you want more, or you’re just starting to build your library, all the choices at hand may be a little overwhelming — the timelines of your favorite characters a bit confusing. The MARVEL READING CHRONOLOGY will arm you with the information you need to maximize your reading experience! These easy-to-follow chronologies will guide you through your reading list and make you the merriest Marvelite on your block!

At least it’s free…

What I imagine the figurine is thinking:

You…you mean they’re gonna let Millar write me when I grow up? Nooooo!

This is the kind of careful attention to detail I’ve come to expect from modern comics publishers:

The image Wizard has chosen to accompany their ad for their “100 Greatest Graphic Novels of the Last 20 Years” article is Spider-Man.
Really? Really?

I shouldn’t be amused by the fact that Boom Studios is now publishing Unknown, Unthinkable and Irredeemable, but I am.

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Have Richard Benjamin threaten him with hand-puppets.

Image from The Last of Sheila. No, context doesn’t help.

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