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I haven’t been terribly impressed with Bill Willingham’s run on Justice Society of America to date, mostly because I’ve found the Captain Nazi story uninteresting and interminable and the expansion of the cast into two titles frustrating. But issue 40, which came out last week, was actually surprisingly very good. Yeah, it wraps up the Nazi story with a bit of a deus ex machina and it’s very obviously only meant as a bridge to the cross-over with Justice League, but apart from that it was a good, character-focused look at Obsidian, an under-used character at the best of times, and an angst-free look at that.

There was, however, one note that didn’t quite ring true.

Yeah, it’s just a joke…but it’s a joke about a subject that ruins peoples lives and that ideological doctors are actually pursuing.

So maybe a conservative straight guy who occasionally writes for right-wing blogs isn’t the one who should be making jokes like that, is all I’m saying.

Still, the good thing about this is that this was what was passing for gay humor in 1972 in “liberal” Mad magazine.

Yeah, I’ll take the conservative who means well over the liberal bigot on this subject, any day.

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Hey, check out this cute scene from the most recent issue of Justice Society of America:

It’s the JSA having a pancake breakfast with a bunch of firemen and kids. Only, someone’s missing. Give it a moment’s thought, I’m sure it will occur to you.

That’s right, where’s Obsidian?
What really drove home his absence for me, though, was this panel:

So…firemen hitting on an underage Stargirl is played for laughs, but Obsidian is, yet again, a no show.

Now, setting aside that unfortunate “saving Obsidian from being further molested by other writers” talk before the series launched, and setting aside the creepy symbolism of putting a gay character in the book and then never showing his face and (almost) never having him talk (I think he’s said all of two sentences in nine issues)…Geoff Johns apparently expects us to believe that Obsidian turned down a chance to have breakfast with hunky firemen!

So Johns has no clue how to write gay characters is what I’m getting from that. It’s time to either give him more to do in the book than imitate wallpaper or let other writers use him.

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For more, check in with that hep cat Bahlactus.

from All Star Squadron Annual #2
Nothing quite says “bash back” like pounding on a senior citizen!

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Easily Offended
from Infinity Inc #11

Self Pitying
from Infinity Inc #21

Threatening Jerk
from Infinity Inc #39
Geeze, Jen, he’s your brother for cripes sake! Quit hanging off him like that!

Passive Aggressive Manipulator
from Infinity Inc #50

So, let’s review. Straight Obsidian=emotional basket case prone to violence and aggression and increasing madness leading to eventual attempt to destroy the world. Gay Obsidian=happy, well-adjusted hero.

And Gay Obsidian has been reduced to a glorified security system because certain writers and artists irrationally prefer the unstable lunatic with a sister complex…

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There are two principal charges against Jade. The first, that she deliberately encouraged the worst case of a sister complex in a comic book character since the introduction of Pietro Maximoff.

Hell, Pietro comes off positively well-adjusted in comparison to Todd. On one of Todd’s good days.

First of all, it’s important to realize that Jennie’s parents know that she has a twin brother:
from Infinity Inc. #33

So how does Jennie introduce Todd to her friends?

“Hey, Todd, come over to my family’s house for Thanksgiving. Only, don’t tell my parents that you’re my emotionally repressed brother. It would be so funny to let them think you’re my boyfriend instead. Oh, and really play up the fact that you’re Catholic. My parents love Catholics!”

Which of course, leads to subtextually uncomfortable scenes like this:

Her second, and far more serious crime, is thinking it’s a good idea to dress someone like this:

Okay, we now know that Damon really loves Todd. Because he’s willing to go out with someone who dresses like that for work.

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