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Taking a brief, one week break, for family reasons. In the meantime, have a Very Robey Cover:

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I like having talented friends. Jay Redd is a great, multi-talented guy, and Matt Alber is a great, multi-talented guy I was lucky enough to have sing at my wedding. So when they get together to do something, it’s no surprise it’s amazing.

You can buy the track on iTunes with proceeds going to Larkin Street Youth Services. And watch the video at Joe.My.God.

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My normal schedule has been disrupted by the fact that my new computer isn’t up and running yet. So, here’s a small selection of videos for songs I included on my 2011 “friends and family” mix-disc.

Liam Finn-Gather to the Chapel
I like the pleasant melancholy of this quite a bit.

We Are Scientists-Rules Don’t Stop
It’s becoming increasingly rare that I can find a straight-forward rock band I can enjoy.

Hidden Cameras-In the NA
I sometimes think the aggressive weirdness of their videos get in the way of their music, but damn, this is a song.

Matt Alber-Take A Bow
Buy me a drink and I may tell you my “get my gay card revoked” opinion of Madonna, but I do like Matt’s cover of (one of her few) good songs.

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I’m getting in on the ground floor of the reel-to-reel nostalgia craze with the hipsters…

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The question of musical groups with interesting looks; looks that, perhaps, it is better that time forgot came up, and the first thing I thought of was Haysi Fantayzee, the group whose style Culture Club may or may not have bitten:

And, of course, if you’re going to talk about ridiculous 80s looks, you can’t go much further to the “really?” area than Toto Coelo did:

Speaking of garbage bags, I saw this video aired on television once. And then for years I vainly tried to convince people that Roid Rogers and the Whirling Butt Cherries was an actual band:

Hey, while we’re on the subject of songs that might be about infanticide…

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