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It’s hypnotic…

I actually don’t have much to post today, other than to note that I’ve been greatly amused at watching people argue back and forth over whether or not All Star Batman and Robin‘s latest issue was good or bad, and whether or not it was meant to be good or bad. Amused, and slightly disappointed, because while what All Star Batman is should be quite self-evident, I haven’t seen anyone bothering to tear apart a really horrible comic, namely Ultimates #13. This book was so bad, I think it finally cured me of any impulse to ever waste any money purchasing anything with Mark Millar’s name on it ever again. I think it cured me of ever giving Bryan Hitch my money again as well, simply out of guilt by association. With this issue, it’s almost as if Millar managed to distill Civil War‘s ponderously self-important “I have an important political point to make, dammit! Right after this fight scene” style into one comic.
But, ooooh, it had fold out pages, so I guess we’re supposed to overlook the fact that it was terrible and made not one damn bit of sense…

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