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Greenmantle, 1988, Charles de Lint
This time last year I was sitting in our apartment, trying to think of something to do as a regular feature for the site, since I was finding myself with decreasing amounts of motivation to post over the weekend. I briefly considered doing a series of reviews of older and concluded in the US manga titles, but then realized that the only possible name for a feature like that would require that the posts go up on Mondays, and I had no plan to give up my Sundays. And then, I noticed the large and conspicuous piles of my books and Pete’s books in the bedroom. And I was inspired.
Unfortunately, the book I wanted to feature, an early example of the urban fantasy genre with an uncomfortably sexy illustration of Oberon on the cover, was nowhere to be found.
So you all got a chosen at random vintage paperback instead.
And now, for the one year anniversary, here’s the book that should have started the feature off all along.

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