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(After a long hiatus, my younger brother, Andy, felt the need to share his opinions about comics with the world. Well, one comic in particular. So, in the name of keeping peace in the family, I’ve agreed to turn over my site to him for the day.
In other words, don’t blame me for anything you see here today.)

Civil War nomber seven is the frelling awsomest comi in thr world bitches

Never before in all of comics history hs thee ever been a comic as awesome as this! it hast everything you could ever want in a comic. The most imporant thing of course is that marvel finally give the true fans what theyve wanted all theis years and given us hereos fighting toher heroes to the death over really important and important social issues and stuff.

I know Dor has said the comic was a “mataphore” for political issues. I don’t know about that I dont pay any atention to politics all i know is what I see on Fox news which i only watch because theyre unbiased but I think what he means is that Iron man is an american hero and patriot and Captain America is a terorist who hates our freedoms. Which is good because it means Marvel is fianlly paying attention to some really impotant stuff in this country. I dont think Marvel ever really adequatly talked about September 11 in any of their comics so it was good that they talked about it in this one.

What I get out of the comic is that Iron Man understands that we cant just do busienss as usual and we have to understand that the Constitution is really old and not really relevant to our lives today because it is old and was written a long time ago. And so Iron Man understands that things like trials and courts are conveaniances that we cant really afford to have anymore when were dealing with people who want to kill us and blow up our buildings and things like that. I kind of dont really know how I feel about that because I have a hard time thinking about characters like Cloak and Dagger as terorists but since they’re fighting Iron Man and hes the good guy I guess they must be.

But as good and as deep as that is it doesnt really compare to all the kick ass fights that are in this book as well. Politics and stuff are all good but thats not why real fans read comics we want to see kick ass fight and explosions and stuff and this book gave us all taht ahnd more that we wanted. There were all this really cool fights in the negative zone though I’m kind of annoyed that Marvel brought back Captain Marvel )The REAL ONE, screw DC’s stupid fake imitations one they madeup just to try and steal the copyrights from Marvel) and didn’t give him more to do in this comic other than show up for one panel. After the fantastic way they brought him back , and hey wasn’t it cool to see him shar e book with Sentry who ahs got to be the best and hotest new character since Woverine give us more Sentry Marvel!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I kind of wanted to see him smack around captain American and his teror loving pals some more and maybe smack the gay out of his kid. DOn’t get me wrong, I like gay people, hey Dor is my brother but I really don’t think they belong in comics and I wish that they woud make Hulkling not gay and maybe have Wiccan be a girl since hes supposed to be like the Scarlet Witch anyway.

But there were still a lot of cool fights anyway one of the things I like about marvel is that they have the best and most realistic and believable illains and one of the reasons they are more belieavable is that they act like real people. I mean its stupid the kinds of villains they have at DC I mean an insane clown? and and scientist those are lame, but Marvel villains act like real people and even the villains understand that Tonys plan is the best one and that Captain America is a traitor and they team up with Iron Man to fight the teror lovers working with Captain America. I have one complaint about that one though and that is that that Punisher is a vet and a solider and theres no way hed fight with Captain America he would understand that were fighting for God and our way of life and so he would work with Iron Man I think it was way out of character for Punisher to fight with Capatain America but then they havent had Punisher in character since they started to let Garth Morrison write him.

But I guess the really important thing is that Captain America was finally defeated. I thought it was really cool and symbolism that Captain America finally was shown that he was wrong and only helping terorism when he surrendered. I thought it was really cool and a fitting tribute that Marvel had the real heroes of america, the cops and fire men of New York be the ones who show Captain America that he was wrong.It was very evocative and subtle and i thought it sent a really important mesage. It was also good because it showed that Marvel is finally taking 9/11 seriously and thats important because I think people forget about how important it was.

Now Dor is one of those stupid jerk bloggers he reads more DC than Marvel because he doesn’thave good taste and sophitcation like me, and he says that there is a fundymental sotry flaw in having Captain America surrender like that even though it so s totally obvious that Irn Man is right and Captain America is wrong and thats that Captain America is one of two voices of moral authortary in the marvel universe, First he says that Captain America has a “credibality’ because he fought Nazis and he understands what totallitaryan governments lead to.And so Dor says that for Captain America to surrender in the face of Iron Man and the good guys stoping havius corpses and trials with lawyers and at best manslaughteris to give up in the face of treasouns and unconstitutional actions. And that colatarol damage in defense of higher principle is something that a soldier like Captain America would understand. The other thing he said was that the other moral voice for Marvel is Spider-Man because the moral underpinnings of Spider-Man stories is that “great power comes with great responsibility” and so when both Captain America and Spider-Man are against you you you are by default in the wrong. Which I think is stupid because it was totally bogus that Spider-Man wuold change sides since he is a totaly good guy and he should have stayed on Tony’s side but I kind stopped paying attention to Dor at that point and said if he did’t stop calling Iron Man a cryptofascist I would sock himin the goddamned face.

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