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Doctor K is doing a horror movie a day through the month of October.

Andrew is putting a Halloween spin on his usual features, including my personal favorite, Nobody’s Favorite.

Bully is focusing on the uncomfortable truth about Riverdale.

James Rolfe of Cinemassacre is doing a video review of a camp classic a day, starting with The Phantom Creeps.

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Ken Lowery have a new batch of reactions to trailers for upcoming films over at The Bureau Chiefs for your amusement.

There’s a distinct lack of beefcake in October films, so here’s a picture of Ed Fury.

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Over at The Bureau Chiefs, Ken Lowery and I take a look at the trailers for films coming out in September.
In comparison to the summer months, this fall is actually looking pretty decent.

Here’s a beardy, brooding Ryan Reynolds, star of Buried:

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Over at The Bureau Chiefs, Ken Lowery and I take our monthly look at trailers for upcoming films. It’s not just me, right, this has been a rough summer for films, hasn’t it?

Since one of the films we looked at is Mark Wahlberg’s move back to comedy, The Other Guys, I thought I’d share a picture from the days when we had no idea he’d eventually star in a film about homicidal foliage.

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Ken Lowery and I take a look at the “>trailers for some of the films coming out in July over at The Bureau Chiefs

So if you want to know what two random cynics on the internet think about big fantasy block-busters like The Last Airbender and The Sorcerer’s Apprentice or indie thrillers like The Wild Hunt or Jim Carrey’s attempts to play a non-offensive gay role in I Love You, Phillip Morris, you should head over there.

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