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Proof that Pete and I are gay:

Bad enough we have one of those damn manikin things. But a salt grinder is suspect enough…cooking with sea salt is damn suspect…but combining the two, throwing in roasted garlic, and oh yeah, let’s make sure the sea salt is Mediterranean? Gay.

“Zygons? When did I meet Zygons? Wait a minute…this book isn’t in continuity!”

Another true tale from the comic shop, from when Employee Aaron heard about my twelve inch Doctor figure:
Aaron: Did they make a Captain Jack figure?
Dorian: They did in the six inch line, but I haven’t heard of one in the twelve inch line. But, from what I’ve heard, a John Barrowman figure should really be ten inches.
Mike: Gyah!

No one would ever forget the day that Scooter was roundly rogered by a kangaroo.

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