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Taking a brief, one week break, for family reasons. In the meantime, have a Very Robey Cover:

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“*sob* They just didn’t know…how much it hurt…to be Superboy, Bruce.”
“What, am I your therapist now, Clark?”
“I’m sorry, Bruce, I just thought, you know, seeing your parents gunned down in front of you might make you more sensitive to the pain of child-hood.”

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How to block referrals to your site by domain name. Or, how to prevent certain sites from linking to yours.

Of course, it helps if you’re using a real web-hot, not a blogspot address.

See, this is how the grown-ups deal with unwanted traffic.

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The first ten minutes of the live-action Death Note film that all the cool kids are talking about:

Internet jerks spoiled the ending of volume seven for me. The jerks. But in the process I discovered that there was some controversy over the ending of the series. An ending which was broadly telegraphed as early as the first volume of the series. But I guess an unwillingness to engage in careful reading or recognize foreshadowing isn’t limited to American comics fans.

Emo Moose

Aw, go listen to some Fall Out Boy, you big cry-baby!

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>Hello, Mr. Dorian
>I’m a comics fan and doing a search about the book “Third Testament”
>(it was announced for August and I’m still waiting for its release), I
>found this comment in your blog:
>”HK Comics
>Third Testament doesn’t look at all like an attempt to cash in on The
>DaVinci Code, oh no.”
>I did another search and it appears that the Davinci Code was released
>in March 2003.
>Well, for your information, the first volume of the European series
>”Le Troisieme Testament” was published in July 1997, the 2nd one in
>November 98, the 3rd in November 2000 and the 4th and final volume of
>the tetralogy in July 2003, as you can see here:
>So I’d like to see you rectifying your dismissive comment about this
>comic in your blog. Thanks.
>T– F–

Dear Mr. F–,

Thank you for the informative e-mail. However, I do not feel it is neccessary to
go back and address a statement I wrote in June because, frankly, I still stand
by my inital assessment that the reason the book is being published in English is
because HK Comics wants some of the very lucrative “DaVinci Code” money to be
spent on their products. Honestly, they would be foolish not to, given what an
obscenely bloated cash-cow the book has become.

As for your concerns that my statement was “dismissive,” well, yes, it was
supposed to be. It was what some people call “a joke.” Perhaps you have heard of

Again, thank you for your e-mail. In the future, however, it might be in your
best interest to simply not read my site, for fear that it might once again
inadvertantly offend you.
Thank you again,

(I get, on average, about one of these a week. Usually I just ignore them. But I’m in a lousy mood and this guy was the lucky one who pissed me off enough to not only get a response, but get it posted here.)

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