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Now that the unpleasantness of the election season is over, let’s look at the slightly less despair-inducing lunacy of Diamond Previews, shall we?

Dark Horse has a new edition of CLAMP’s long out of print title Clover, making Dark Horse the collective’s fourth US publisher.
I really wouldn’t mind if Dark Horse picked up the rest of the CLAMP titles TokyoPop published in English, either.

I was vaguely interested in the set of Turok cards until I realized that they were recreations of the covers by Pete Von Sholly and not the actual covers originally published by Dell. Hell, the covers were frequently the only half-way decent art on the Dell/Gold Key adventure comics, and I wouldn’t mind a nice collection of those. But a recreation? That just seems pointless, especially as there really aren’t that many Turok fans left out there.
UPDATE: Apparently these are all new pieces of art inspired by the original covers, and not recreations. Which, given that what it says in Previews is: “Veteran illustrator and dinosaur expert Pete Von Sholly has created an absolutely stunning series of trading cards depicting the weirdest and most mysterious covers, with scientifically accurate dinosaurs, effective updating this classic genre work.”, it is strongly implied that these are re-dos of the original covers.

DC is putting out the fourth volume of their Diana Prince: Wonder Woman series, which finally reprints the issues written by Samuel Delany.

I like to think of him as “black, gay Santa Claus.”

DC also has a new series based on the upcoming Brave and the Bold cartoon, with the fantastic, blocky, retro character designs. Imagine…a fun Batman cartoon. It’s been decades since we had one of those.

If you can’t love that, there is no joy in your heart. Or you write reviews for Comics Buyers Guide. Which is pretty much the same thing.

I enjoyed the first volume of Fabien Nury and John Cassaday series I Am Legion when Humanoids published it through DC. In fact, I was enjoying almost all the Humanoids books that were published through DC. The price and format for the line were perfect for me.
I don’t need a six-issue mini of I Am Legion at $3.50 a pop, though.

Viz has the first volumes of two Naoki Urasawa manga titles, 20th Century Boys and Pluto, the re-imagined Astro Boy. 20thC. Boys should fill the hole left by Monster well, but I’m still not sold on Pluto. Oh, and I notice that Viz is using this opportunity to creep their prices up, at least on their “mature” titles.

I am strangely intrigued by this. And we definitely need more manga for kids. (And adults. And less of the already glutted teen girl aimed products. But that’s a rant for a different day.)

Oh, man! The DC Superhero Figurine Collection finally gets listed in Previews…and it’s for six figures and a seventh “deluxe” figure, total SRP of $110. I…I still think I want them. But, fuck, seriously? Seven in one go? And at a $2 mark-up over the Marvel figures? I mean, I realise that Marvel was desperate for licensing money at the time those started coming out and that Eaglemoss probably got a really good deal on the license, and that DC pays creators royalties on licensed products, but still…
(Also dampening my enthusiasm, the first wave of figures is Superman, Batman, Joker, Spectre, Creeper, Darkseid and…Donna Troy. Really? Donna Troy?)

A “Death” hoodie. Because Goths get cold ears, too.

I’m fairly ambivalent to the prospect of a Flash Gordon, 80s movie version, action figure:

Now, the planned PlayGirl variant? I might not mind that.
(You really have no one to blame but yourself if you click that link, by the way.)

So what do we think is going on in this ad?

Masturbating samurai? Really bad case of crabs?
And why is it in regular Previews instead of Adult Previews?
I mean, pretty much everything in the “statues” section of Previews is calculated to get you labeled the neighborhood weirdo by anyone who comes into your house, but this seems beyond the pale even by Diamond’s standards.

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Newsarama finally notices the manga censorship story that’s been making the rounds. Given that the story is from Barstow, one of the more stridently conservative parts of California, I’m not surprised that the big manga back-lash story that everyone seems to be bracing for comes from there.

The thread is notable for comic creator Scott Sava making a case for censorship, quite literally on the basis of the “won’t someone think of the children!” argument. His point, basically, is that since he can’t monitor his children at all possible seconds, no material that he disapproves of should be available to anyone. He also thinks that the Dewey Decimal System is to blame for a non-fiction book about comics to be shelved in the non-fiction section of a library, where just anyone could find it!

The thread also contains this comment from another poster:
This is coming from a state where Child Pornography is ok for private use and a state with a bill in the state senate that will force all public school children to focus on the importance of the sexuality of people throughout history. In other words George Washington was evil because he wasn’t gay.
Not to mention a state that is so anti-white that anything from other cultures (including unconfirmed reports of graphic beastiality) should be considered art.

See, that right there is what happens when you get all your information about the world from Fox News. I’d like to know exactly how much crack this guy is smoking. Because, really? Child Porn is legal in California? School children are being taught that heterosexuals are evil?
Precisely what color is the sky on this guy’s world?

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