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DC owes all true Booster Gold fans an apology!

I was really looking forward to this new Booster Gold comic that DC is putting out, “Showcase Presents Booster Gold” because I thought, finally DC had seen the error of their ways and given us a new Booster Gold comic instead of the horrible character assasination Geoff Johns is putting out.

And it’s not DC, under that ragime of Didiot, has once again spit on the face of one of the most imporant and vital characters in comic book history. In this new comic, which is stupidly thick, it’s more like some sort of weird manga type book instead of a real comic, Booster is once again portrayed as a selfish, vain, egotistical man instead of the selfless and noble hero that all true Booster fans know him to be.

I’ve selected a few choice and particularly egregiious panels to show you what I mean, since I CANNOT in good conscience suggest to any of the Booster fans that they waste their hard earned money on this trash!

Booster would never place ahigher priorty on the value of property than on a human life. HIS SISTER DIED! Do you really think he’d be so callous?

Booster would never be so sexist as to demean women by making Black Canary lingerie. I don’t even know what that is, and I don’t want to know, probably another sick fetish of Geoff Johns or Grant Morrison that they forced the other DC writers to include in this book.

I agree with what Booster is saying her, because Superman is a moral failure as a character for failing to take the VERY REAL threat of terrorism seriously and deal with it, but the problem I have here is that Booster would never be so ungracious to another hero as to criticise them in public.

BOOSTER IS A FRIEND TO THE LITTLE GUY! He is a supporter of working Americans and would not do anything that would stop them from having the American dream and that includes owning an AMERICAN_MADE car.

Booster would never have anything to do with the corrupt American film industry an dtheir unpatriotic ways. he’s not some wrong coast Hollyweird elitist scumbag who hates average working Americans. He was a football player, for gosh sake.

I have saved the worst for last

This is just sick. This is some kind of sick caricature of G. Gordon Liddy, another true American hero, and here he is being made to say these awful, not true things about Booster. It’s vile and sick and everyone associated with this book should be arrested if there was any justice in this country.

Something has really gone wrong at DC. This is really just a symptom of a larger problem. What DC needs to do is take the advice of people like my friend who used to work as the assistant to the mail room manager at DC before they fired him because it’s people like him who really know what the problem is which is the free reign given to character disrespecting writers like Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison and it’s all the fault of the incompetent clods in upper management like Levitz and Didio.

This book is just one more disgrace. I have no idea who this Dan Jurgens is who wrote and drew this book, but he owes the creator of Booster Gold an apology!!!

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