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Reaper Man, 1992 US edition, Terry Pratchett

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Witches Abroad, 1991, Terry Pratchett
And the parade of…interesting character interpretations continues.

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Hogfather, 1996, Terry Pratchett
That’s certainly an…interesting artistic interpretation of Susan.
(I forewent my annual re-reading of this book this year in favor of rereading the witch books. I’m more in a Nanny Ogg mood.)

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A Wuffles cameo makes the whole thing worthwhile:

For my fan entitlement plea; make the Guard books next. Oh please, do.

I now own my very own Laugh Out Loud Cats cartoon:

And you can see more at Hobotopia.

Pal Anna pointed me in the direction of this site. I have the sudden urge to make curtains now…

New episodes of Doctor Who are only a few weeks away:

(Which reminds me: must catch up on Torchwood reviews…From Out of the Rain and Fragments were exceptional.)

Getting the joke, when no one else is, is worth it when the joke is soooo good.

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As usual, Americans are getting shafted when it comes to holiday specials. Let’s be honest; I never need to see A Charlie Brown Christmas ever again. I never need to see It’s A Wonderful Life ever again. And I damn well don’t need 24 hours of back-to-back airings of A Christmas Story.

You know what I wouldn’t mind at all, however? Mark Gatis and Matt Lucas in The Wind in the Willows. Or a special episode of Doctor Who. Especially when it has scenes like this:

You know what would be really nice, though? A live-action version of the only holiday story I still dig, Terry Pratchett’s Hogfather. Especially if you put Marc Warren and Nigel Planer in it. And Michelle Dockery looks to make a fantastic Susan as well.

Oh well, I guess I’ve got my League of Gentlemen Christmas disc to watch.

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