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So, I went to Bent-Con and had a nice time and was on a seemingly well received panel and got to say hello to some friends and creators I haven’t seen in a while.
And here’s the list of stuff I picked up that’s worth your attention:

  • Mahou Shounen Fight, a charmingly illustrated gender-bending, queer teen super-hero book in the “magical girl” tradition.
  • Kyle’s Bed and Breakfast: A Second Bowl of Serial, the newest collection of the webcomic.
  • Bludgeon, an extremely action-orientated gay bear superhero book.
  • Several items from Northwest Press, including Rick Worley’s oversexed bunny strip A Waste of Time and the absolutely gorgeous Hindu-inspired lesbian sword and sorcery fantasy The Legend of Bold Riley.
  • Sina Grace’s “retail hell” story not my bag.
  • The Art of Rader, a Brad Rader sketchbook
  • Butch McLogic’s lushly illustrated and extremely fun sci-fi sex comic Tug Harder.
  • And last, but certainly not least, Alex Woolfson’s and Winona Nelson’s amazing, romantic, and beautifully illustrated sci-fi romance webcomic in collected form Artifice

I’ve become a pretty strong fan of Bent-Con, despite some organizational issues cropping up as the event still finds it’s feet, but it’s nice to have a showcase for gay, lesbian and transgender comics and sci-fi/fantasy and gaming, that doesn’t get lost in the crowd the way they could in a general convention. It’s also worth noting that, at Bent-Con, every single thing I bought was really, really good and worthwhile, which is not something I can say for other conventions I’ve gone to.

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I really can’t decide if I want to write up anything more about Wizard World, especially since Mike pretty well covered it. The dealer’s area alternately depressed, angered and overwhelmed me, and I think in future I’m just going to have to stay in the Artist’s Alley type areas, because as confusing as that was, at least I got to briefly chat with Amanda Connor, Jimmy Palmiotti and Todd Nauck and his wife Dawn, which was nice. I also meant to find Matt Maxwell again and give him some money for Strangeways, but I couldn’t remember where in all that chaos he had been sitting.

So, I’ll just share a couple of the good shots.

Here’s a man beating a woman with a dead pig, from Ken Shannon #3. Forget all those new comics that are either too expensive or too cheap; just point me in the direction of coverless Golden and Silver age books at the next con and I’ll be happy.

A trio of costume shots…I have NO IDEA how that last one ended up on my camera. Honest. I think Pete took it.

And finally, my first ever convention sketch, by Todd Nauck, which I’m absolutely thrilled with.

Nauck is drawing the upcoming American Dream series for Marvel and his creator-owned book Wildguard is returning to Image soon. I really like Nauck’s work and he’s not an artist I usually get to bring up here, so go out and buy those books and encourage more work from him.

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Even when they hold the damn things on my doorstep, I can’t manage to make it to comic book conventions. Of course, I had a good excuse this time.

Not that it really would have made much difference. DC gave vague comments about upcoming comics, Marvel made vague comments about upcoming comics. Marvel announced a licensed comic which will appeal primarily to video-game nerds. Which is, apparently, their idea of mainstream outreach. They also announced a cross-over between Supreme Power and the Ultimate universe, and if that isn’t a sign of creative bankruptcy I don’t know what is.

Creepiest news, of course, was Marvel finding yet another way to profit off Jack Kirby’s corpse.

In news I actually found interesting, Gail Simone has a creator-owned series from Wildstorm about retired super-heroes. And they’re not thinly veiled analogues for DC/Marvel characters! That’s a frighteningly rare change of pace.

Garth Ennis and Darick Roberston also have The Boys at Wildstorm. I always get the impression that Garth Ennis really doesn’t like super-heroes, and between that and Robertson’s skill with humor, I’m expecting all kinds of black comedy at the expense of the capes and tights crowd. Which will be a beautiful thing.

Garth Ennis will also be working on a Midnighter ongoing series with Chris Sprouse. This is the first ongoing American comic with a gay lead (Northstar had a mini-series which came out after his “outing” in Alpha Flight, in which no words meaning “homosexual” were used whatsoever), so expect this to start percolating through the mainstream media. You can probably also expect a fair amount of panicked, culture-warriors weighing in on the corruption of the children. Especially if it’s a slow news week.

Here’s what some message-board posters think of Ennis on a Midnighter book:

So what are Midnighter’s redeeming qualities? He likes beating the crap out of men and humping them? And somehow Ennis sees this as fighting to change the status quo for the better? Has he studied criminal psychology at all?
Can we get past the one trick pony of Midnighter being a practicing homosexual and actually explore the character?
Batman is definitely not gay (the first hint would be he sleeps exclusively with chicks) and he could clean the floor with this criminal.

I’m not picking this up just cause Midnighter is Gay
If they were ridiculing a Gay character i might bye it
just for the laughs

Anyway, I’d be interested in this EXCEPT it’s written by Ennis. Aside from the fact I find him to be a bad writer and not particularly funny, I also find he writes a lot of homophobic, gay bashing characters into his scripts. I REALLY wanted to get through his ghost rider, but one of the previews online convinced me yet again he’s a one trick pony!

I tried to look for more, but really, it was too depressing. That’s when I was able to decipher the spelling and grammar. I don’t know how Mike does it.

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