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“Something’s wrong with tomorrow” is an absolutely brilliant, pure Superman sentence.


Did they make Evil Wildcat pink?

Carol Channing!

I can still never decide if this song is misogynistic or misandristic.

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Nude sky-diving

Race in the Kentucky Derby

Bicycle across the Antarctic

Translate the Voynich Manuscript

Say the word “bukake”

Erotic jumping-jacks

Agree to star in a remake of Skidoo

Jump over a shark on water-skis

Go on a white-water rafting trip with Ned Beatty, Jon Voight and Burt Reynolds

Release a sex-tape

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The last time we played, it was Words Carol Channing Should Never Say. This time, we’re going for something a little more ambitious.

Roles Carol Channing Should Never Play

Princess Leia

Lara Croft


Mata Hari


Kira the Muse

Madame DeFarge

Doctor Who

Edna Turnblad

Vito Corleone

Travis Bickle

The Man With No Name

Hermione Granger

Doctor Doom

V.I. Warchawski

Marion Ravenwood

Mary Magdalene

Vicky Pollard

Ennis Del Mar

Anything requiring her to wear a corset

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Even though I have no interest in what sounds like a rather mean-spirited version of Candid Camera, I suppose I should go see Borat now, before the inevitable flood of lawsuits results in getting it pulled from theaters and edited.

Heterosexism in action:
Joystiq posts alleged “non-gamers” reactions to the new Nintendo Wii console: “it’s faggy.”
Gay Gamer calls this what it is: a perfect example of the casual homophobia in the gaming community.
Joystiq and others defend their use of homophobic language and insist that, no, really, when we say “gay” to mean “stupid” we don’t mean it as an insult to you stupid faggots.
(Joystiq is, of course, the gaming news site with the strange, irrational anti-Wii bias so noticeable that even Penny Arcade called them out on it.)

Carol Channing breaks my heart.
Update: Channing is saying she was misquoted. That’s good enough for me.

See, I keep telling you people he’s a jerk, but no one listens to me. And he’s dead right about Spider-Man 3.

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