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And lest anyone try to argue that this is somehow “out of character” for Mr. Tawky Tawny, remember, he once killed a guy with a stick. Disembowelment is practically polite of him.

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So Billy and Mary and Freddie are out looking for contributions for a charity rummage sale, when they stop by Pa Potter’s antique shop to hit the old man up for some goods. While there, they find an old pirate map and decide to go get pirate treasure and donate that to charity instead.
As you do…
So, hopping into Pa Potter’s helicopter they all go off to find pirate treasure. When the inevitable happens:

The HUGE ASS GIANT RED SKULL bites the helicopter’s tail off and only by quickly shouting out their magic words do the kid’s escape death. Also, even though they changed right in front of them, Pa Potter apparently doesn’t realize that the kids are really the Marvels.
Cap decides to take the fight to the skull, leading to this oddly disturbing panel:

And inside we get this:

Ghost pirates flying around inside a giant skull. Sims is weeping tears of joy right now, I can tell.

Cap gets his ass handed to him by the ghost pirates so he goes to help out the others while they fix the helicopter:

Freddie, you’re an idiot.

Billy, you’re an idiot.

Ah yes, the obligatory, “the Marvels get knocked out and gagged, thus preventing them from saying their magic words” sequence which happens in every Captain Marvel story.
Also, I have to say, after walking right into the not at all disguised skull, the kids kind of deserve it:

The kids find the treasure, which somehow kills the ghost pirates, and Captain Marvel leaves us with a not at all sanctimonious moral:

Which means, don’t become an immortal ghost pirate with a cool flying skull hide-out or it will catch up with you, I guess.
Freddie’s still an idiot, though.

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And then there was the time she beat up a tree

For not providing sufficient shade for her picnic.

And then there was the time she beat up some bakers

Because ‘gluten-free’ means ‘gluten-free’ not ‘low gluten,’ dammit!

Mary Marvel don’t take no guff.

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