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And lest anyone try to argue that this is somehow “out of character” for Mr. Tawky Tawny, remember, he once killed a guy with a stick. Disembowelment is practically polite of him.

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I love those ellipses right before “cousin.” And Clark’s annoyed reaction followed by a quick save. Exactly how often does one of Clark’s fake “cousins” stop by the office?

Reader Billy sends along yet another “Always Remember” picture. I like this one a lot, as it harkens back to one of the most wrong Legion of Super-Heroes stories ever written.

Yesterday was a rare Wednesday visit to the comic shop for me. It was worth it, as I got to witness Corey making the William Riker, Thomas Riker and Admiral Riker action figures kiss and talk of their sexual desire for one another’s beards. But not in a “gay” way, more in a hyper-masculine/border-line masturbatory way.
It was the funniest thing I’d seen in months. Perhaps years.
It is entirely possible you had to be there.

I also flipped through The Road to Civil War: The New Avengers: The Illuminanti. It was…well, lots of talking heads interrupted briefly by a confusingly drawn action sequence. But my skepticism regarding the upcoming Civil War cross-over was increased because of one simple fact: when Namor is acting as the voice of reason, you know that something has gone horribly, horribly wrong.

And, of course, bringing back the Beyonder and bringing back the Heroes Reborn world, can only be seen by rational minds as further evidence of that.

Paul & Frank

Probably not quite safe-for-work. But it amused me greatly, especially after some of the recent discussions I’ve seen on-line about “straight” men in gay porn, “straight-acting” men, and gay men who insist that calling yourself gay is old-fashioned.
(from The B-Squad, spotted at Starrfucker)

As a reward for going through all that, here’s a not at all homoerotic picture of Chris Meloni and Lee Tergesen wrestling.

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