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So, Dan DeCarlo drew a “Josie and the Pussycats” knock-off for Penthouse Comix

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It’s not “Dan DeCarlo drawing sexy girls in lingerie” that’s a bit unsettling…he did do a more than healthy amount of pin-up work during his career.
It’s that he was working for Penthouse of all companies…doing a sex comic…where another artist very obviously drew the sex scenes.

Since someone keeps trying to leave me threatening comments about this, let me just post the credits page for this story:

That’s Penthouse Comix #2, page 82, July/August 1994, for anyone else out there who seems to think I’m making all this up.

Oh, and for the record, ISP, I don’t HAVE a brother…

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Another of the items that got left with me, a page from the 1996 Hepcats Ashcan.
I had pretty much entirely forgotten that Hepcats ever existed…

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