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Comics Friends Forever, First Second

Short introductions to a variety of all ages graphic novels by a number of different creators. The artstyles are diverse, though a certain degree of thematic similarity is on display. The stand out here is a too brief excerpt from Ben Hatke’s Zita the Space Girl, which is, coincidentally, a favorite with my niece.

Defend Comics, Comic Book Legal Defense Fund

The bulk of this is short previews of forthcoming all ages books, that generally could be described as “adorable” and are very intriguing, lead by a short that explains concepts of free speech and censorship in a kid-friendly way with only slightly obnoxious political overtones, and a short strip that could be viewed as a pointed reminder to the CBLDF itself in light of some of their recent actions that many people consider misplaced.

Die Kitty Die: I Love You to Death!, Chapterhouse

A mix of retro storytelling notes and just on the edge of risque jokes, heavily inspired by Harvey and Archie super-natural humor comics. It’s not quite as clever and funny as it thinks it is, but it’s interestingly self-aware and filling a niche not many other books out there are trying for.

Shadow Roads, Oni

Bunn and Hurtt’s sequel series to The Sixth Gun continues the vein of Weird West adventure stories, but also offers an introduction that doesn’t require knowledge of the previous series to understand the initial set-up and characters.

Sparks!, Graphix

Ian Boothby and Nina Matsumoto deliver a story of two cats that disguise themselves as a robot dog to rescue people. The illustrations are lively, and the story has a good mix of humor with a dash of pathos, and an unexpectedly diabolic villain.

It’s Free

2000 AD, 2000 AD

Adventure Time with Fionna and Cake, Kaboom

Amazing Spider-Man/Guardians of the Galaxy #1, Marvel

Avengers/Captain America #1, Marvel

Berlin, Drawn and Quarterly

Bob’s Burgers, Dynamite

Bongo Comics Free for All 2018, Bongo

A Brief History of Tank Girl, Titan Comics

Crush, Yen Press

DC Superhero Girls, DC Comics

Disney Princess, Joe Books

Doctor Who #0, Titan

Howard Lovecraft Big Book of Summer Fun, Arcana

Invasion, Chapterhouse

Invader Zim, Oni Press

James Bond 007: Vargr, Dynamite

Lady Mechanika, Benitez Productions

Malika: Creed and Fury, Youneek Studios

Maxwell’s Demons #1, Vault

The Metabaron, Humanoid

Miraculous, Action Lab

My Hero Academia, Viz

The Nightmare Before Christmas: Zero’s Journey, Tokyopop

The Only Living Boy, Papercutz

Overwatch, Dark Horse Comics

Pokemon: Sun and Moon, Viz

Relay #0, Aftershock

Riverdale, Archie

Shadowman, Valiant

Silver #1, Dark Planet

Spongebob: Freestyle Funnies 2018, Bongo

Star Wars Adventures, IDW

Street Angel’s Dog, Image Comics

The Tick, NEC

Transformers: Unicron #0, IDW

World’s Greatest Cartoonists, Fantagraphics

The Wormworld Saga, Cubhouse


Barrier, Image

Ghost in the Shell: Global Neural Network, Kodansha Comics

The Mall #0, Scout Comics

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: Shattered Grid, Boom

Overstreet Guide to Collecting, Gemstone Publishing

Starburns Presents #1, SBI Press

Strangers in Paradise #1, Abstract Studios

Ultra Street Fighter II #1, Udon

Worlds of Aspen 2018, Aspen


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