The cold open starts with the end of Tails I Live, Heads You Die with the Satanists using the corpse-resurrecting Coin of Ziocles dying when their temple collapses around them. And then it moves onto a construction crew excavating the site finding the corpses and dumping them into the garbage, because having the police investigate would just slow down the project. The Coin somehow escapes the trash bin and ends up in an alley, where two corrupt cops, Gorman and Briggs, are planning to rob a mob bag-man. Things go wrong, naturally, and Koslow is killed by the bag-man, and Gorman uses a convenient coin to Harvey Dent the decision on whether or not to kill the bag-man in retaliation, thus discovering the Coin’s power.

At the shop, Micki and Jack are off to appraise some items, after giving Johnny some platitudes about how it’s okay for him to be missing his father Vince, killed off in The Prisoner. Back at the police station, Gorman’s report is being finished up, and the other officer casually mentions that the only other deaths reported with the strange forehead burns had an occult connection. The media has also picked up on that detail, and a news report on the bag-man’s death sends Micki into a panic, giving Jack an opportunity to infodump some backstory on Johnny. While Micki worries that the Coin is somehow after her, Gorman investigates the police files on the coins, which show a remarkably sophisticated knowledge of Satnic powers operating in the world, possibly explaining how the gang has so little trouble covering up some of the more public incidents they’ve been involved in. Gorman manages to glean enough information from the reports that he breaks into the morgue and uses the coin to resurrect is partner.

The gang goes to the site to search for the coin, prompting a traumatic flashback for Micki and a rather bleak description of the nature of the afterlife in this universe. Johnny gets tasked with going to the police and finding out more info, since his father apparently had never before mentioned connections to the police which did absolutely no good in keeping Johnny out of jail that one time. Meanwhile, Gorman is making plans with his zombie partner to kill a prostitute with the coin, so that they can use it to resurrect the bag-man and get the money he was supposed to have on him that night, completely oblivious to the fact that Zombie Cop is clearly planning his own agenda. At the station, Gorman overhears Johnny asking about the case, while Johnny uses his leet hacking skills to discover that Briggs’ body has gone missing. Over Micki and Jack’s protests, Johnny starts following Gorman and Briggs, apparently convinced that they’re good cops and not totally corrupt cops slowly succumbing to a Satanic evil, even when he sees them abduct the prostitute they were earlier plotting to kill. After he sees them use the Coin, Johnny grabs it from them and takes off. He returns to the shop and overhears Micki’s concerns about the Coin returning and what that means for her, and so goes and digs up his father’s corpse and resurrects him.

Once resurrected, Johnny’s father is more the “confused innocent” sort of zombie, instead of the Satanic rage fueled type Briggs is. He takes his father’s corpse out camping, while Briggs and Gorman hunt him down, since Johnny wasn’t exactly subtle back at the police station, a process made even easier by the fact that Johnny leaves a message on his answering machine essentially spelling out where he’ll be. When they show up, Johnny is able to get away by threatening to use the Coin on Gorman, but Briggs shoots at him anyway, causing Johnny to drop the coin. Gorman tells Briggs to let Johnny go, since it’s only a few days before the rest of the police force figures out what’s going on, so Briggs shoots Gorman. Which, frankly, we pretty much saw coming. Micki and Jack are, understandably, furious when they find out what Johnny has been up to, and go to take care of the Coin themselves, Micki having finally overcome her anxieties. They catch up to Briggs at the cemetery where it turns out that, yep, the Coin really was trying to kill Micki again, and is using Briggs to do so. Johnny shows up to save Micki, resulting in a foot and car chase through the cemetery that ends with Micki beating the zombie cop to redeath with a shovel at the bottom of a freshly dug grave. And Johnny uses the Coin to kill his father again.

This isn’t the first time we’ve had an episode devoted to mopping up after an artifact that got away in a previous episode, but we’re not given any new twists or expansion on how the artifact works. It’s still the same tit-for-tat curse it was last time. There’s also a fair amount of attempted character development pushed forward this time, though the two strands of Micki being fearful and Johnny bringing back his father don’t quite gel together satisfactorily. We do see a pretty solid characterization of Johnny as being willing to allow objects to be used forming here as well, which does mark a sharp change from Jack and Micki (even if it’s a theme they had Ryan flirt with a few times too).

A Very Robey 80s

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