This time out we flashback to 1979, and a robbery gone wrong. The gang gets away with seventeen million in marked bills, but leaves Dayton Railsback behind to take the rap for the entire operation. But don’t worry, the gang tells him, “there’s honor among thieves” and the money will still be there for him when he’s released in twenty years. Ten years on, Railsback is a jailhouse lawyer, still apparently convinced his ex-partners haven’t ripped him off, when another inmate trades him an old leather jacket in exchange for the paperwork to get him transferred to minimum security. And almost immediately after trying the jacket on, another inmate gets shanked, smearing blood on the jacket, which causes Railsback to become invisible. Taking advantage, Railsback sneaks out of prison and goes to the storage unit he was told the money was in, which just happens to be the same one Johnny’s father, Vince, is the night watchman at. This inevitably leads to Railsback killing Vince and framing Johnny for it.

Back at the shop, Micki, Ryan and Jack are at a loss trying to figure out how to prove Johnny’s innocence to a world that doesn’t believe in the occult, and Johnny is sent to the same prison as Railsback while he waits for his trial. Railsback is having his lawyer track down his accomplices, having learned that the three of them jointly own a safety deposit box, and Johnny has recognized the smell of Railsback’s cigars from the break-in, and just barely misses catching Railsback turning invisible after killing an inmate, breaking out, and killing one of his accomplices. While the prison goes into lockdown over all these killings, Ryan tells Micki that he planned on buying a kamikazee jacket from one of the prisoners, which turns people invisible because sure, why not. Railsback also finds Johnny searching his cell, so whatever cover Johnny might have had is completely blown, but he does get the names of Railsback’s accomplices to Micki and Ryan. They find the accomplice Railsback killed, and get shot at by Jane, another accomplice, who gets away. And that night, Railsback kills yet another inmate, and Johnny gets beaten by a guard for trying to stop him. And Railsback kills Jane before Micki and Ryan can get there, because they really aren’t terribly good at this.

Johnny’s cellmate, the stock “grizzled old prisoner to old for the outside world” character, finds out what Johnny is up to and realizes that Railsback must have discovered the disused old ventilation system to make his escapes. Which…isn’t remotely how we saw him escaping at the start of the episode, but sure, we’ll go with that, there’s only ten minutes left. Railsback is also pressuring his lawyer to give up the location of the last accomplice, and subtly hinting that he’s going to kill his lawyer too once this is all over. As Micki and Ryan track down the last accomplice by pressuring the lawyer, Johnny tries to steal the jacket, and gets himself stabbed by Railsback. Jack calls the warden to warn him about Railsback’s attempted escape as we discover that Johnny tricked Railsback in order to get him out of his cell before the guards came, but gets his cell mate killed in the process, so it sort of backfires. Johnny chases Railsback through the prison, guards chasing him, and eventually ends up setting Railsback on fire, which somehow manages to convince the authorities that Johnny is innocent. Despite just killing a guy.

This somewhat feels like a late season, “running out of money” type of story. The invisible man effects are on the cheap side, there’s a lot of the same sets being reused with slightly different dressing to obscure the fact that the prison consists of essentially one room, and the antique is another one of the “just go with it” types we see from time to time. It’s not a bad episode, and Steve Monarque does a good job with being asked to carry the bulk of it, but in the end it’s pretty forgettable.

A Very Robey 80s

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