We open with some impressive underwater footage, which given the show’s budget, is probably of the stock variety, before cutting to Jonah, and evil salvage ship captain using a cursed lantern. It exposes the location of buried treasure on the ocean floor, but the diver who recovers it must then be burned by the lantern’s flame. Probably. Since we’re coming in at what would usually be the end of one of these stories, it’s a little hard to tell. Luckily, Jack and Ryan are there to grab the lantern before anyone else can get killed, so we’re pretty much done, right?

Back at Curious Goods (which we now see is located on Druid Avenue…999 Druid Ave…) Jack is explaining the “upside and downside” of the curse as he and Ryan prepare to leave for an astrologer’s convention as a storm is brewing up. But as they leave, we see that Noah and his surviving henchman have followed them to the shop. While Micki gets the shop ready for the storm, Noah and his henchman scheme a way to get into the vault (which Noah, conveniently, knows about from when he purchased the lantern from Lewis). The storm worsens into a hurricane and Micki agrees to babysit Richie, a neighborhood boy, and Noah kills a utility worker and steals his equipment to bluff his way into the shop. Richie is a stereotypical 80s tv brat, scaring Micki and pestering her to let him read Ryan’s comics, but this does of course mean that he is the one to discover Noah attempting to break into the Vault.

Noah ties up Richie and forces Micki to tell him how to get into the Vault. At first she plays dumb, but a little fire to her hair convinces her to switch tack and try to bluff him into giving her access to the Manifest. This plan doesn’t really come to much, and she’s eventually forced to open the Vault, just as a policeman finds the dead utility worker. Noah’s henchman is completely unable to bluff the cop and gets shot through the door for his trouble, prompting Noah to lock Micki and Richie in the now open Vault, as he grabs a random antique to face off with the cop. Noah stabs the cop with the antique, which presumably is not how this one works as nothing special happens, and takes time to steal his dead henchman’s valuables. When he returns, Micki and Richie make a break for it with the lantern. Unable to escape, they arrange a trap to electrocute Noah when he grabs the lantern. He recovers quickly, and even being thrown down the stairs only slows him down, but is ultimately defeated when Micki uses a mirror to reflect the lantern’s light back on him. And the next day Jack and Ryan come home and complain about what a terrible night they had.

It’s a bottle episode, and it’s a “cast-light” one to boot. Nothing in particular is wrong with either of those things, but the combination of a rather uninteresting antique, an undeveloped villain, and the one setting does cause the story to drag more than a little. Like last time, though, Robey actually acquits herself well when given something to do, and she carries what little story there is admirably.

A Very Robey 80s

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