Red Dwarf: Infinity Welcomes Careful Drivers, 1992 ed, Grant Naylor
Somewhere there exists a website detailing, elaborately, how events in the series and events in the novel can be reconciled. I can almost certainly guarantee that.
The notion that “continuity” in Red Dwarf is even less credible than it is in Doctor Who will have escaped the author. Of this I am also positive.

2 Responses to “Paperback Book Club”
  1. Bully says:

    The so-wonderful thing about the Red Dwarf novels is that the third and the fourth are written by one each of the show’s co-creators, and each of them contradict not only each other but the previous novels and the TV show itself. That’s nothing new; think of it as another type of the multiversal versions of Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy%#151;you can only explain them within-universe by evoking the sort of “what if” shenanigans that Marvel Universe fans (myself included) salivate over. Me, I love the fourth novel (Backwards) which has that perfect mix of dry dark comedy and infinitely endless sadness that perfectly captures the richest part of the Red Dwarf concept. Also, smeg jokes.

  2. Evan Waters says:

    I actually checked this out from the library and read it well before I saw any of the TV show.

    It is kind of interesting that they took the Hitchhiker’s approach and adapted events in the series, but in a different order and context and so on.

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