I hope there’s a good in-story reason why the cover of Dark Horse Presents #16 appears to show a murdered transsexual, because that’s a particularly loaded image for a community that’s already at heightened risk for violent assault.

And, once again, the “retro” variant for the Kevin Keller comic invites interesting discussions about the semiotics of gay representation in comics.
But since I’m not a grad student, you’ll, again, have to look elsewhere for that.

On a related note, the solicitation text for Life with Archie #23 is teasing the death of Future Timeline Kevin’s husband, and, yeah…

Given that shipping “nude” has been standard for “military style” action figures for a while, I’m now wondering what, if anything, prompted the addition of the disclaimer and photos…

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  1. Evan Waters says:

    So how did Kevin Keller end up fighting the Red Army?

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