So, you may have heard about this Before Watchmen thing DC has coming out:

I honestly have no strong opinions about this project, to be honest. Yes, it all seems very unnecessary, but it’s only Watchmen, a good book, yes, but not a great book, and one that, in my opinion, hasn’t aged very well or lived up to its supposed legacy. What I am sort of curious about is how these new creators plan to handle, if at all, the “blink and you miss them” gay characters from the original series. Given the “who” of the new creators, you can mark me down as “cautious.”
But I’m sure the series will get nominated for a GLAAD media award anyway.

Safe money seems to be that this is the “wedding of Northstar” issue, because it’s not like Marvel to pass up an opportunity for free publicity, and “gay superhero wedding” is the sort of slow news day, easy to parse for the media story they seem to enjoy courting these days.

That’s…that’s certainly Martin in drag on the cover of Bart Simpson #72…

I wouldn’t mind a Herc shirt. I’m pretty much over the “faux distressed” look for t-shirts.

Six Million Dollar Man is slightly ahead of my time, but I have it on good authority that this episode is partially responsible for the rise of Bear culture twenty years later.

5 Responses to “Previews for Gays, April 2012”
  1. deadlytoque says:

    The Six Million Dollar Man/Sasquatch thing was also played up in a couple of episodes of Venture Bros.

  2. D. Wood says:

    There’s a Bart-styled “Radiohead Bear” on Milhouse’s kick drum! Awesome!

  3. merchantfan says:

    I hate faux distressed T-shirts. I don’t want something that already looks beat-up when it’s going to fade/wear also once I get it.

  4. Flidget says:

    “But I’m sure the series will get nominated for a GLAAD media award anyway.”

    I laughed. And then I sighed, because it’s only funny because it’s true.

  5. merchantfan says:

    I think, besides the incredibly weird and kind of stupid Silk Spectre was from her mother sleeping with her rapist later on because the universe works in mysterious ways bit, the inclusion but lack of actual role of the LGBT characters was Watchmen’s weak point. The only potential one with an active role was also the closest thing to a villain (besides the Comedian).

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