Dark Horse has a collected edition of the Dragon Age digital comic. If they know their fan-base, there should be plenty of Varric on Alistair action here.
(Yes, I’m still smarting from having my romantic choices in Dragon Age 2 limited to emo mage and emo elf.)

Boom’s collection of Howard Cruse’s non-gay work is due, and it looks like they’re including a healthy dose of his underground era work as well.

Seeing a solicitation for a Howard Cruse collection on the same page as ads for Garfield comics is one of those cognitive dissonance inducing moments you have to get used to when reading Previews…

Not gay, but…

I’m as big a fan of Special Agent Pendergast as the next guy, but a model of the creature from the 1997 film of a 1995 novel might be of pretty limited appeal…

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  1. Ms. M says:

    Not to mention that Agent Pendergast isn’t even in The Relic movie!

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