A sampler of work by one of the premier gay comics creators as part of the Free Comic Book Day efforts is the kind of “best foot forward” material we need, instead of, well…most of the offerings this year.

May has the next volume of Empowered releasing, the best equal-opportunity fan service comic on the market.

Archie continues to impress me with their Kevin Keller series. The second issue brings up the issue of gay teens dating, a subject still stupidly controversial. Given that the last issue of the mini did address homophobia and anti-gay harassment (albeit in a family-friendly Archive-verse manner) I’m curious to see what they do here.

I have no idea why any gay men might be interested in an illustrated history of Tarzan films…*cough*

Deliberate co-opting of gay rights slogan to exploit an oft-noted bit of subtext? Or is that giving too much credit to the same audience that buys “Big Bang Theory” and “Bronies” t-shirts?

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