Marvel gives us some…interesting beefcake covers with The Twelve #9 and something more traditional with Wolverine #justmakingissuenumbersupsnowapparently:

Meanwhile, at Dynamite…

Y’know, I try really hard to stay on topic with these posts, but sometimes something comes along that I just have to comment on:

If you are even briefly thinking of spending $100 on this, stop, and just for a second think about what people who are not desperate nerds are going to think when they see this on your desk.

Okay, to cleanse your palate, here’s a shirtless Ricardo Montalban statue:

2 Responses to “Previews for Gays, December 2011”
  1. The Ricardo Montalban statue is, hands down, the most tasteful item you displayed.

  2. John G says:

    Hey, how come no one in Star Trek II seems to acknowledge the canonical fact that Khan was a major historical figure who used to rule 25 percent of the entire world during the ’90s? He was bigger than Napoleon, but Kirk’s ex has never heard of the guy.

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