The final issue of The Children’s Crusade is finally coming out.

For a book that was sold as promising major status quo changes for both the Avengers and the X-Men franchises, it certainly feels like this has quietly fizzled out. Of course, the series started at least three cross-overs ago, so who can say what the original plan actually was…
I’m just hoping that the end result is a regular title with Wiccan and Hulkling, so I can say that there’s at least one Marvel title I enjoy.

I didn’t think the “gay guy narrates honey badger clip” video was all that funny, but it certainly wasn’t anything worth being bent out of shape about. Even when opportunistic t-shirts started showing up in stores. But when Antarctic Press gets in on it?

Yeah, now it’s hate-worthy.

Meanwhile at Archie, they’re releasing a trade paperback collection of all the previous Kevin Keller appearances, just in time for the first issue of the Kevin Keller ongoing to launch, with this ginchy variant cover:

The first issue is dedicated to Kevin’s first date. And yes, we live in a world where Archie is doing comics about gay teens dating. Which is sort of fantastic.

I haven’t followed the Kirby: Genesis comics from Dynamite at all. They’re just not my thing. But Rob Rodi writing “not-Thor”?

Okay, that at least gets a look.

Eaglemoss is releasing a Northstar/Aurora pack in their Marvel figurine collection.

No collection is complete without a little lead figure of a gay French-Canadian Olympic skier/reformed terrorist.

I have absolutely no idea how I feel about Diamond carrying bishie body pillows like this Black Butler one here:

2 Responses to “Previews for Gays, November 2011”
  1. MirrorMan says:

    Regarding The Children’s Crusade, the return of the Scarlet Witch does carry some significant impact throughout the MU, considering she could literally rewrite anything and everything, including OMD. Of course, until it’s over, it’s hard to say what the outcome is.

    But the Honey Badger? Yeah.

  2. Mark Clapham says:

    The Children’s Crusade has certainly dragged on a bit, but whenever an issue comes out I find it fantastically entertaining. It’s fun and warm and has great pace to it. I’d read those guys on virtually anything.

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