I’ve mentioned this before, but Empowered, as well as being a very good comic, is happily equal opportunity in its presentation of fan service material. This new hard-cover edition collects the first three volumes.

This is the cover for the fourth issue of Nightwing:

It’s almost like DC is deliberately baiting Tumblr slash communities sometimes…

DC is also, finally, releasing Flex Mentallo in February…

You mean I can get dense, metatextual comics and 100 pages of beefcake?

Dynamite is launching a Tarzan Lord of the Jungle series, and it looks like it might give Warlord of Mars some competition for the title of “comic with most homoerotic covers.” Speaking of, here’s the variant for issue #15:

Rough Trade Superboy gets the lead figurine treatment from Eaglemoss:

You expected me to make a joke about the pose, didn’t you?

“Why do you have a statue of a naked man wearing a football helmet?” is one of those more awkward questions to get from non-comics reading people…

This “Donquixote Doflamingo” figure in no way makes up for ten pages of Japanese imports of schoolgirls flashing their panties each month…

3 Responses to “Previews for Gays: (Late) October 2011”
  1. Peter says:

    one of our friends went as rough trade Superboy.. he looked GOOD! :-)

  2. Beachfox says:

    My husband has practically zero interest in all things superheroes and comic books, but he adores Rough Trade Superboy.

  3. Wait’ll you get a load of November…

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