For those of you with a numbers fetish, here is the somewhat arbitrary “Top 17” of the new DC first issues.

Top 17 Titles
Title Score
Action Comics 51
All-Star Western 50
Batwoman 50
Demon Knights 50
Swap Thing 49
Animal Man 48
Men of War 48
Aquaman 47
Frankenstein, Agent of SHADE 47
Superboy 47
Batman 46
Blue Beetle 44
Birds of Prey 42
Nightwing 42
Teen Titans 41
Wonder Woman 41

Looking at the numbers laid out like that, the only thing that surprises me is how highly I ended up rating Men of War. Three weeks on, I’d probably knock it down to a 42 or 43.

And here’s the “Bottom 10” titles, because while I originally meant to do “Bottom 13” the differences between the 13th and 14th title would have been completely arbitrary, since they had the same score.

Bottom 10 Titles
Title Score
Batman: The Dark Knight 23
Legion Lost 22
The Savage Hawkman 22
Green Lantern 21
I, Vampire 19
The Fury of Firestorm 18
Mister Terrific 16
Red Hood and the Outlaws 10
Suicide Squad 10
Detective Comics 9

Only surprise here is Green Lantern. On a reread, I’d probably mark it at a 26; half-way down the scale, neither good nor bad.

With what I will continue to buy, with the 10/05 week of titles, the only book that I am definitely dropping is, unsurprisingly Detective Comics. As awful as some of the other books were, nothing elicited as drastically negative a reaction from me as that one. Red Lanterns, Batwing and Static Shock are on the bubble, but get at least one more issue, and my decision to drop Hawk and Dove was over-ruled by the spouse.

5 Responses to “The DC 52: By the Numbers”
  1. Is he a fan of the characters or one of those actual Rob Liefeld fans?

  2. Cole Moore Odell says:

    Swap Thing is the elemental avatar of flea markets and yard sales.

  3. Dorian says:

    LW: He’s a fan of the characters.
    Cole: O-kay…I hear if you say that three times in a mirror, Sterling appears behind you.

  4. DeBT says:

    What are these scores out of? If they’re out of 52, the top ten are rather respectable. If they’re out of 100, then those numbers don’t bode well for the line overall.

  5. Dorian says:

    All the scores are out of 52. If DC is going to use an arbitrary number, so am I.

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