New Teen Titans is one of those super-hero books that always seems to have a lot of gay fans, and original creators Wolfman and Perez return for a long-delayed graphic novel, Games.

Nightwing’s disco collar is a design classic, and hey, look, it’s “totally not gay, at all, really” Jericho before his one of about fifty heel turns!

Speaking of gay followings, shipping later this year is Superman’s Girlfriend Lois Lane Archives, featuring the early attempts by Lois to trick “confirmed bachelor” Superman into marriage.

There’s also a soft-cover collection of Vertigo’s Fogtown, by the all-gay creative team of Anderson Gabrych and Brad Rader, a mystery starring a closeted detective that’s well worth a look.

I really don’t care for Deadpool at all, but this…

This seems like an almost deliberate call out to the folks who draw dirty pictures of the character and post them on Tumblr.

I’m still trying to completely wrap my head around the fact that Archie, of all companies, is doing a big push on a comic book starring a gay character.

For Torchwood fans, there are two new novels bridging the gap between “Children of Earth” and “Miracle Day.” Long Time Dead by Sarah Pinborough appears to focus on the dangling plot threads of Suzie Costello and the other things buried at the Torchwood Hub, while The Men Who Sold The World by Guy Adams introduces characters who will be involved in “Miracle Day.”
I wouldn’t get your hopes up for an Ianto appearance.

There’s also a release of Robert Howard’s Conan stories tied into the film reboot.

I’m certain there’s a graduate thesis to be written on images of masculinity in film, and the evolution from the big slabs of steroid beef in the 80s to the leaner look of today.

The “Barbie: Pillow Talk” doll set:

There is probably a very easy joke to make about selling a Ken doll based on Rock Hudson.

So Diamond discontinued their “Adult Supplement” but doesn’t think twice about slapping some sheep testicles up in the regular magazine…

The thing I love about the comics industry is the consistent standards of good taste…

I know quite a few gay men who are going to be very happy with the idea of a Zach Galifianakis plush doll:

5 Responses to “Previews for Gays, May 2011”
  1. Is it weird that I find Kevin Keller’s dad TOTALLY HOT? Yes, you say? Oh well.

    I hope that graduate thesis includes many, many exhaustive viewings of Jason Momoa’s bare ass, as seen on last week’s Game of Thrones. That Lisa Bonet is one lucky, lucky woman.

  2. Bill S. says:

    I honestly can’t think of any other people who would actually be interested in having a Zach Galifianakis plush doll. Too bad it comes with the baby though; who needs THAT sort of responsibility?

  3. RDaggle says:

    ITA about the different look of the new Conan from the Schwarzenegger. Not sure if it represents some kind of sea change, though.
    Based on the commercials, both Diesel and The Rock look very steroid-ed up in the ‘Fast Five’ movie …

  4. Evan Waters says:

    Can someone give me some context on the bear being impaled by a sheep? Because I don’t want to put that into Google.

  5. Dorian says:

    It’s part of a line of Zodiac themed statues. This is “Aries.”

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