Dark Horse is bringing the Dark Horse Presents anthology back in non-MySpace format, and one of the features is a prequel to 300 titled Xerxes

Which means we all get to argue about whether or not Frank Miller is a homophobe all over again. Joy…

Since Obsidian appears to have disappeared from JSA…again…if you haven’t seen them already, his earliest appearances are collected in an Infinity, Inc. hardcover:

$40 seems, frankly, a bit much for six issues and an annual. And while these are actually some fun comics, I think Infinity, Inc. created more continuity headaches for later writers than even Teen Titans.

Joe Jusko cover for “almost certainly won’t feed slash-fic writers ideas” Wolverine/Hercules

And the cover for the revamped again Hercules series, this time titled Herc:

I think even I’m starting to hit the Hercules saturation point…

I suppose this was inevitable…

I sometimes feel like I’m the only gay man in the world who doesn’t find Kathy Griffin even remotely entertaining.

The DC Comics Superhero Collection magazine, makers of those little lead superhero statues, are offering a Batwoman figurine:

I’ve got several of these, and they are fairly nice.

I can certainly see some appeal in wearing a cartoony Chris Hemsworth on my chest.

I can think of plenty of gay men who quite like the idea of their own personal Gil Gerard.

No comment.

8 Responses to “Previews for Gays, February 2011”
  1. No, you’re not the only gay man in the world who doesn’t like Kathy Griffin, because every time she comes up, there’s a gay guy saying, “Am I the only gay guy in the world who doesn’t like Kathy Griffin?” Personally, I love her, and the first few seasons of D-List are hilarious, but different strokes and all that. Just don’t say you don’t like Joan Rivers, or I’ll go into a fit.

  2. Legowombat says:

    She acknowledged our existence. That still doesn’t make her funny. I wish my dating pool actually had masculine role models.

  3. Katharine says:

    Why did they use a picture of Mercedes Ruehl?

  4. Matt Algren says:

    I had the biggest crush on the Silver Scarab in the 80s. I only knew him from the Who’s Who entry, but man, that was enough to drive Teen Matt wild.

    Me too on Kathy Griffin.

  5. GayProf says:

    Gil Gerard is better as a memory than he was in reality. I’m not sayin’, I’m just sayin’.

  6. Peter says:

    Ok, Infinity didn’t cause the continuity problems… changing the DCU made the Infinity kids the problem… hmmm.. maybe this is a chicken/egg dilemma?

  7. Evan Waters says:

    The Kathy Griffin comic surprises the Hell out of me. She has a following, but it seems such a random choice even for Bluewater.

  8. MR Bill says:

    Re: the panel from Xerxes..
    Izzit just me or does the rider sorta look like the Wuvable Oaf? http://www.wuvableoaf.com/

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