Over at The Bureau Chiefs, Ken Lowery and I offer our takes on the trailers for films hitting your local mall multiplex in November.

Here, have a picture of Chris Pine in a nice suit. It’ll take your mind off that train movie he’s in.

3 Responses to “In A World for November, 2010”
  1. infomofo says:

    It’s so… bunchy.

  2. Sallyp says:

    My, that IS a very nice picture. However, I am stlightly aghast at the sight of a short-sleeved dress shirt. I assume that he doesn’t actually go around WEARING such a thing, and that this lovely picture is for promotion purposes only, and to show off his manly manly arms.

  3. Thwacko says:

    Thanks to the wonders of Photoshop, you can now enjoy Chris Pine in an unnatural pose, with disproportionately tiny hands and wearing little boy pants.

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