DC launches a new Batwoman ongoing with a 0 issue and a typically gorgeous cover by co-writer and co-artist J.H. Williams.

And the “rough trade” version of Superboy gets a new ongoing as well.

Seriously, it’s probably time to put him in an actual costume.

Scott Thompson has a graphic novel coming out from IDW based on his Danny Husk character.

Hey, if it does well, maybe we’ll get to see a Buddy Cole comic.

Gay author Rob Rodi launches a new Thor mini-series at Marvel, Astonishing Thor:

I’ve heard good things about Rodi’s previous Thor books, and while I’ve enjoyed his comics and novels in the past, I can just never seem to bring myself to be interested enough in a Thor comic to read it.

Marvel also has a new Oz series by Eric Shanower, a new issue of Avengers: The Childen’s Crusade by Allan Heinberg, new issues of a Loki mini and The Stand by Roberto Aguirre-Sacasa and another Thor mini by Rodi. That’s six comics by four openly gay writers in one month from Marvel (presuming that ship dates don’t slip on any of those). Which is pleasantly surprising.
EDIT: I am reminded in the comments that Hawkeye & Mockingbird author Jim McCann is also openly gay. So make that seven comics by five writers.

Diamond is now offering the Henry & Glenn Forever mini-comic anthology from Microcosm Publishing. This is the book of one-panel gag strips based on the premise that Henry Rollins and Glenn Danzig are a gay couple.

I bought a copy some time back, and it’s the usual mixed bag you get with this type of work. About 1/3 of it is really funny and well drawn, and about 1/3 of it is pretty regrettable. Most of the creators avoid the easy “lol fags” jokes you might expect. It’s a fun book for the most part, though, and let’s face it, there are lots of gay men out there who have Henry Rollins fantasies.
You can also order the book directly if you don’t want to wait.

There’s no immediate suggestion of gay content, but Yen Press has a new Fumi Yoshinaga series coming out titled Not Love But Delicious Foods.

Fumi Yoshinaga has done quite a bit of work with gay characters and situations in the past, notably Antique Bakery and Ooku, but this seems to be more of a food-manga than a romantic one.

Not quite as beef-cakey as I would like, but this is still a nice Hercules statue from Bowen Designs.

Oh, go ahead and get the obvious jokes out of your system for this one…

5 Responses to “Previews for Gays, September 2010”
  1. Mark Clapham says:

    That Vader head looks somewhat familiar:

  2. ThatGuy says:

    Don’t forget that Marvel’s monthly Hawkeye & Mockingbird is written by an openly gay man as well.

  3. Thom says:

    It explains the lack of romantic chemistry in the prequels.

  4. Captain Splendid says:

    Wadday mean, not as beef-cakey as you’d like? He looks like a glazed ham orgy! Ahnuld in his prime would be asking him where he scored his steroids.

  5. Leeatard says:

    You want to see Superboy in a costume again? That would require him getting his jacket back from Wonder Woman.

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