It’s not just fans who come up with incredibly stupid and insane things to be offended by. The general public is just as capable of making themselves look stupid. Take, for example, the recent complaint that the new companion on Doctor Who is too sexy for a family show.
Let’s look at the evidence.

Well, that is a very short skirt, yes. And I guess working as a kissogram is somewhat saucy. And, of course, it goes without saying that in the nearly fifty year history of the show, the producers have never before resorted to trying to use a performer’s sex appeal to get an audience…

Oh. Well, never mind, then.

14 Responses to “Legs Have No Place On Television”
  1. Thom says:

    Insane. I mean, really?

    I remember certain companion specifically because they were in sexed up outfits. You know… Raquel Welch-ish animal skins. I remember little else about certain companions. I see nothinh about the new companion that is really any racier than, say Rose or Martha.

  2. Evan Waters says:

    I do remember seeing a clipping from ’77 or so wondering if Leela was too sexy for the show.

    And Jamie was always eye candy. Like, that was the point. Pat Troughton complained once that he had all these lines, and Frazier Hines said “You’re being paid to say them, Wendy [Padbury, playing Zoe] is being paid to get the dads in from the kitchen and I’m paid to keep the girls from doing their knitting!”

    And apparently he’s also referred to in Joe Orton’s diaries. Something about the show being rubbish but the “new boy” being worth keeping an eye on.

    At least now with the Doctor not being 100% asexual they don’t have to pretend it’s innocent and so make it creepy.

  3. Bill D. says:

    And then of course there’s Nyssa spending a good chunk of Terminus walking around in her underpants.

  4. Captain Splendid says:

    This is why the Moral Brigade is never taken seriously beyond their little echo chamber. They have no consistency, and are just as fame- and celebrity-driven as a paparazzo.

  5. Toby S. says:

    There’s a scene in the opening of one episode where the TARDIS has been “shattered” or something, and the female companion is hanging onto the center console clad in some skin-tight jumpsuit. Apparently, the cast and crew all remember and refer to that as the ass-shot, because said companion’s derriere features prominently. I’ve seen the clip, and the aforementioned derriere is splendidly presented… in black and white.

    Also, didn’t the Puritans sail over to our fair shores?

  6. Evan Waters says:

    A few of them stayed behind to work in England’s fledgling newspaper industry.

  7. Prankster says:

    I don’t know much about Dr. Who myself and couldn’t tell you how it’s “supposed” to be, but I know there’s been a bit of grumbling from intelligent, reasonable fans of the show, like Andrew Hickey, that sexifying the Doctor–as opposed to the companions–is indeed a betrayal of the character. So it may not be about moral prudishness but instead the perceived pandering. Well, it’s probably a bit of a mix, but my point is that you could reasonably complain about this without being a Moral Crusader.

  8. Unfortunately, Prankster, that’s not the case. I think having the Doctor be sexually interested in his human companions is a bad move (though not ‘a betrayal’ – I just think it’s astonishingly out of character, and the age and species differences make it seem more than a little creepy. But I’m not one of those insane people who argue that he’s a completely asexual being – it’s fairly obvious that he and Romana had something going on, just for a start, and he has a granddaughter) but having his human companions have a sexuality is *entirely* appropriate. And the relationship between Smith’s Doctor and Amy has been a fairly chaste one, so I can’t see there being *ANY* legitimate complaint there.

    The problem is simply that the article in question is a link to the Torygraph, which for non-Britishers is a newspaper whose typical story is one about how gay asylum seekers are stealing our jobs and driving house prices down with their war on Christmas and evil belief in the global warming conspiracy and their gangster rapping. The only thing the Torygraph like more than having some shocking pseudo-outrage that will get the whiskers twitching of the sixty-year-old retired colonels who make up their imagined demographic, is having a shocking pseudo-outrage involving a young woman in not very many clothes, so they can print lots of pictures of said young woman while grumbling about how shocking it all is that such depravity exists.

  9. (Also, I suspect Dorian wouldn’t consider me an ‘intelligent, reasonable fan’ because after a few years of Davies I was spitting bile everywhere, and unfortunately the *VAST* majority of those who don’t like the new series appear to be either homophobes, racists, or the kind of infantile man-child who thinks that by creating a popular TV drama Davies has ‘taken my show away and given it to the mundanes’. Were I to see some of the comments I’ve made about the new show made by other people, I’d naturally assume that the writer was one of those types and do everything I could to avoid them. )

  10. Forgot about Jo Grant, didn’t you?

    Not to mention THAT picture with the Dalek?

  11. Prankster says:

    Heh. Well, there you go. Apologies if you thought I was putting words in your mouth, Andrew. As a matter of fact, I did suspect, even from reading that article without cultural context, that the “outrage” was largely being manufactured by the writer. But it seems I was being too generous in attributing motive, so I’ll shut up now.

  12. Didn’t think that at all – mostly just wanted to clarify where the Torygraph were coming from. In general, if a story is reported in the Mail, Express, Sun or Star the reporting is *completely* worthless, if it’s in the Telegraph or Times the reporting is *probably* trustworthy but the opinion columns are insane…

  13. Dale Lazarov says:

    Did people complain when Captain Jack pulled a gun from his exposed buttocks?

  14. Scottieboy says:

    To be fair, Captain Jack was played by BARROWMAN. Gratuitous nudity and BARROWMAN go hand in hand – it’s not sexy, it’s expected. Complaining about his exposed buttocks would be like complaining about Rose’s teeth.

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