8 Responses to “Pretty Much Just Text At This Point”
  1. Cap'n Carrot says:

    Anybody else getting Revenge of the Sith dejavu?

  2. Seamus says:

    I have this comic. It’s amusing to go back and read Avengers comics that feature a “Legion of the Unliving” and see how many of them have since come back from the dead or, like Bucky, were never dead in the first place.

  3. Evan Waters says:

    “I love you, Spartacus.”

  4. MirrorMan says:

    “I have ALWAYS loved you!”

    Yeah, that’s why you kept taking him into war zones without so much as a shield.

  5. Arynne says:

    That *would* be something…the Legion of the Unliving vs. the resurrected-but-now-zombified members of the Black Lantern Corps!

    ::takes bets::

  6. Sea-of-Green says:

    Bucky doesn’t need a shield. All he needs is love! :-D

  7. Arynne says:

    Well, the authorities DO say that perfect love drives out fear…

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