I guess communist bears being pushed into volcanoes is still family-friendly by Dell’s standards.

6 Responses to “Smokey the Bear Hates Commies”
  1. Tales to Enrage says:

    “Remember, little cubs, if you EVER start a forest fire….this is where Smokey will throw you in.”

  2. mister terrific says:

    “Only you can prevent forest fires…but I can prevent communists from setting them.”

  3. Jessica says:

    Wait, really? The black bear is actually a communist spy? I don’t even know what to do with that, let alone the “so let’s throw him in a volcano” issue.

  4. Hovy says:

    Bear-on-bear violence is so tragic. Also, Smokey strikes me as a circuit Bear. Just a gut feeling.

  5. Thom says:

    Better dead than a Red Communist Bear.

  6. IsaacB2 says:

    Wow. How hard *did* you mean to hit that poor little bear?

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