So, Bluewater’s selection for Free Comic Book Day this year features new comic stories by S.E. Hinton, who most men my age probably best know as the author of several vaguely homoerotic young adult novels we were forced to read in middle school because God forbid we read a real book and a bio-comic about Lady Gaga.

Thus making this the gayest Free Comic Book Day ever!

Okay, sexy werewolf bust from DC. Even if it is from Fables, which has outlived its welcome, I’m tempted.

Super-deformed tiny Wildcat?


Marvel is releasing a mini-series titled Breaking Into Comics The Marvel Way. Which is apparently to make a reputation doing successful and critically well-regarded creator-owned, non-superhero work so that you can prove you’re capable of doing work-for-hire crossovers whose lasting impacts will be forgotten in six months when the next wave of crossovers starts.
There, I just saved you eight bucks.

Disney Press is releasing a graphic novel prequel to the upcoming Prince of Persia film.

The photo doesn’t really have much to do with that. I just got an excuse to run it again.

So, IDW has a comic based on the video game Dragon Age coming out.

Dragon Age is a story-based RPG which features gay characters and gives players the option of playing a gay or bisexual hero if they wish to. Because this is the sort of thing gay video game players like, the game has received a mostly positive reception from the gay media.
IDW decided that the best person to write a comic in this setting is Orson Scott Card, a man so homophobic he has advocated treason in the event that gay marriage becomes the law of the land.
So, basically the good people at IDW can just go fuck themselves.

Huh. I thought the adult supplement for Previews had been discontinued.

What? The t-shirt model is an attractive man? Not a woman in a shirt a size too small for her? What the hell? Am I still even reading Previews?

Not the gayest thing in Previews this month.

Wrestler two-packs. I don’t think we can get any gayer than that this month.

5 Responses to “Previews for Gays, January 2010”
  1. Alan says:

    Oh god… Oh no, the last one is true. Man, I barely even watched that show as a kid ferfucksake! (I’m in the ending of a bad movie where I discover I was the enemy all along. A furry twist!)

    Although I heard a lot from girl friends that the main dude (big red-orange hair guy with sword that gets erect) was smoking hot and stuff. So it might be a problem with straight brains, not just straight males (although those have serious additional, ahm, “problems”).

  2. nate says:

    Your truth hurts me.

  3. Bill D. says:

    The Cheetara thing is weird, but what always disturbed me was the number of guys I knew who were fixated on Gadget from Chip & Dale’s Rescue Rangers.

    Of course, I’ve had a crush on Joy from The Bugaloos since I was a small child, so I probably don’t have any business at all passing judgment, but still.

  4. mister terrific says:

    Oh Bill, you and me both. I also had a horrible thing for Leslie Gore when she played “Pussycat” on that Batman episode.

    Wife and I used to speculate on the strange relationship between Snarf and Lion-O. We figured Snark was a pedophile and moved on to the twins after Lion-O grew up…

  5. Julius Seizure says:

    Jake sure knows how to play to the balcony, eh?

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