I see the editorial staff at Marvel cared about as much about the quality of “Secret Wars II” cross-overs as readers did.

6 Responses to “My Captain America Has No Nose”
  1. Mark Clapham says:

    How does he smell?

    Like FREEDOM.

  2. Damien says:

    I never had this issue, but I have the later one that features a picture of a nose on the letters page and instructions to cut and paste. I always presumed it was a joke. Now I know.

  3. Thom says:

    He got his nose back in a deal with Mephisto.

  4. Sea-of-Green says:

    Iron Man: Captain America has no nose!
    Thor: How does he smell?
    Iron Man: TERRIBLE!

  5. Sallyp says:

    My God, that’s disturbing.

  6. No, no Sea of Green – it should be “Thor: How doth he smelleth?” (Optional: Iron Man responding with “Terribleth.” :)

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