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7 Responses to “Just A Reminder”
  1. Mikey PewPewPew says:

    Why waste decent villian during a Steve Rogers vacation, right?

  2. mister terrific says:

    “The call me ‘The Bane of Semis’!”

  3. Tim O'Neil says:

    I always liked him, he had a sad little character arc.

  4. Mitchell Craig says:

    In a huskier voice, you could almost mistake it for, “I am…Tondelayo.”

  5. Bill D. says:

    I’m with Tim. Armadillo was interesting because the poor guy could never catch a break. Even when he tried to turn his life around by joining Unlimited Class Wrestling (not that that ever turned out well for anyone, as I remember, but still), it still all went to hell because he caught his still-human wife cheating on him with his friend. They managed to get a tiny little bit of genuine pathos out of a guy who could’ve been (and eventually became) just another one of Marvel’s animal-themed villains.

  6. Moonrock says:

    How does he support himself without his right leg?

  7. Josh says:

    Moonrock: He’s got a terrific pension plan.

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