Meet the twin sons of Superman and Lois Lane from a potential future, one all Kryptonian, one all human:

Bet you can’t guess which is which…

4 Responses to “Apparently Kryptonians Do Have An “Asshole” Gene”
  1. Michael Rebain says:

    This was probably the first “Imaginary Story” I ever read, a few months after discovering Superman. There’s great Curt Swan art of Krypton and Kandor later in this story. One correction though: Superman’s wife (and the mother of Jor-El II and Kal-El II) was never shown to be Lois Lanein this story. Although some might argue that the silhouettes and shadowed figures sort of resembled Lois, this was still the era when Weisinger liked to toy with the idea of Superman perhaps marrying Lana Lang or some other woman.

    Oh, and Jor may be a bit of an asshole here, but since (45 year old SPOILER alert!) non-super-powered Kal ends up saving the day, in part because he’s not vulnerable to Kryptonite, I’m sure he learns his lesson.

  2. Thom says:

    This will be an upcoming episode of Smallville, won’t it?

  3. Sooooooooo… Superman lives in the suburbs with a rock outcropping in the backyard? And is he still “Clark Kent” when his little brat is going around flying? Way to blow Daddy’s cover, Jor-El!

  4. Sallyp says:

    Well isn’t SOMEbody insufferable? This is how evil nemesis are born, boys!

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